How We Operate

Scottsdale MoneyWISE has its own Chartered Financial Planner – an outward demonstration of its professional commitment to raising the bar in the financial advice industry, in terms of knowledge, capability and ethical practice. Chartered Financial Adviser status is awarded by the CII and remains today’s gold standard in excellence and integrity.

Why use a Chartered Financial Adviser?

How we search for and shortlist financial solutions
If you engage Scottsdale MoneyWISE, the next time your financial circumstances change or when you need advice, this is how we would search for a solution for you

Through Scottsdale MoneyWISE, we serve clients and keep costs competitive by working with a carefully selected group of funds, providers and fund managers. We use the largest risk and rating company in the world (Moody’s) so that we avoid selecting investments that are too risky for clients, thus we generally think it unnecessary to manually research every single investment on the market.

To put this in perspective, Moody’s ratings and analysis cover 130 countries, 11,000 corporate issuers, 21,000 public finance issuers, and 76,000 structured finance obligations.

The Scottsdale MoneyWISE team also uses Morningstar OBSR, the largest fund research company, to ensure that we always recommend good funds. To put this into perspective, Morningstar provides data on approximately 500,000 investment offerings, including stocks, mutual funds and similar vehicles, along with real-time global market data on more than 14 million equities, indexes, futures, options, commodities and precious metals, in addition to information on foreign exchange and treasury markets.

Finally, we have negotiated discounts that no other organisation can achieve on three investment platforms: Quilter Group of Companies, Aegon ARC and Ascentric.

Of course, if an instance arose that didn’t suit this routine, we’d advise that all the products in the marketplace are considered.