About Scottsdale Lifetime Partners

Scottsdale Lifetime Partners is a company of financial advisers who provide straightforward advice to companies and individuals.

It provides excellent value for money, without compromising on the quality of the financial advice delivered. The Integrity and professionalism of those within Scottsdale has always been at the heart of its success and will never be undermined.

Enriching your wealth and protecting your capital
Scottsdale is known for going the extra mile to make the most of your savings, investments and tax allowances.

Investment clients have a dedicated and experienced adviser to regularly review their investment portfolios and develop their financial planning strategy to accommodate changing circumstances and objectives, taking into account new legislation, ideas and product opportunities. We suggest that mortgage customers call us every one or two years to see if we can improve on their existing interest rate or to help them release funds for any other purpose.

“Jane and I have had a relationship with Scottsdale for nearly 10 years and they have provided all of our financial service needs including finding the right mortgage, pensions, ISA's, Life and Income protection services and manage our financial portfolio. I think the most significant thing that makes Scottsdale stand out from other financial advisors is that they really spend time to understand your needs and what you are trying to achieve. They then use this to find the best product for you rather than pushing something on a commission basis which I have experienced in the past from other companies. They then continue to review your portfolio to ensure that it continues to be the right thing for you or whether there is a more suitable product out there.”
Mr S